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Research Papers Published

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Books Published

  • "Honey as Component of Diet: Importance and Scope". Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. pp 24
  • "Proteomic studies of Micronutrient Deficiency and Toxicity". Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. pp 30
  • "Biomonitoring and Bioindicators". Apple academic press. pp 20
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  • "Understanding the immunogenetics of human viral diseases". Elsevier Science. {ISBN: 978-0-323-90250-2} pp 32

Research Projects Details:

Title of the ProjectFunding AgencyDatedAmount (in Rs.)
Protein and gene expressions of IL1ß, NFkB1, NFkB2, PPAR?, NOS2, COX2, TNFa in LPS induced inflammatory response in rats and effect of Cousinia thomsoniiSERB DST27-04-20173,873,200.00
Protein and gene expressions of IL1ß, NFkB1, NFkB2, PPAR?, NOS2, COX2, TNFa in LPS induced inflammatory response in rats and effect of Cousinia thomsoniiDST- SERB27-06-20183,873,200.00

Research Scholars:

Khalid Bashir DarM.Phil Awarded Whole Time
Shaziya Mohammad TantaryM.Phil Awarded Whole Time
Suhail AneesM.Phil Awarded Whole Time
Parvaiz Ahmad DarM.Phil Awarded Whole Time
Suhail AneesM.Phil Awarded Whole Time
Muzafar Ahmad BhatPh.D Awarded Whole Time
IrimPh.D Awarded Whole Time
Shafaquat NabiPh.D Awarded Whole Time
Khalid Bashir DarPh.D Awarded Whole Time
Aunjum ReyazPh.D Awarded Whole Time
Shayaq Ul AbeerPh.D Awarded Whole Time
Showkat Ahmad DarPh.D Awarded Whole Time
Aashiq Hussain BhatPh.D Awarded Whole Time
Showkat Ahmad DarPh.D Awarded Whole Time


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Clinical Bio-ChemistryMScBiomolecules-11
Clinical Bio-ChemistryMScBiomolecules-I1
Clinical Bio-ChemistryMScBiomolecules-I1
Clinical Bio-ChemistryMScImmunology2
Clinical Bio-ChemistryMScImmunology2
Clinical Bio-ChemistryMScEndocrinology3
Clinical Bio-ChemistryMScEndocrinology3