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Research Papers Published

  • "Structural characteristic of the initial unfolded state on refolding determines catalytic efficiency of the folded protein in presence of osmolytes." PLoS One, 9(10): 1094 -1105
  • "Salt Potentiates Methylamine Counteraction System to Offset the Deleterious Effects of Urea on Protein Stability and Function" PLoS One, 10(3): DOI No. 10.1371/j
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Books Published

  • "Proteostasis and Chaperone surveillance". Springer, New delhi Heildelberg New Yprk Drodrecht London. {ISBN: 978-81-322-2466-2} pp 180
  • "Cellular Osmolytes: From Chaperoning Protein Folding to Clinical Perspectives". Springer Nature singapore Ltd. {ISBN: 9789811037061} pp 250
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  • "The Glycome: Understanding the Diversity and Complexity of Glycobiology". CRC Press. pp 336

Research Projects Details:

Title of the ProjectFunding AgencyDatedAmount (in Rs.)
Investigating the Effect of Osmolytes on Protein FibrillationCSIR, India02-02-20162,300,000.00
Biophysical Characterization of glycosylated and non-glycoslated forms Withania sominfera Glycoprotein from Withana Somnifera (Ashwagandha)DBT, India26-11-20133,495,000.00
Investigating the Effect of osmolytes on protein FibrillationCSIR02-02-20162,300,000.00


DepartmentSubjectCourse TaughtSemester
Clinical Bio-ChemistryMScBiomolecules – II: Biochemistry and Disorders1
Clinical Bio-ChemistryMScBiophysical Techniques1
Clinical Bio-ChemistryMScBasic concepts in Clinical Biochemistry1
Clinical Bio-ChemistryMScBiomolecules – II: Biochemistry and Disorders1
Clinical Bio-ChemistryMScLab Course-I CLB18104 CR1
Clinical Bio-ChemistryMScLab course-CLB18104 CR1
Clinical Bio-ChemistryMScTechniques in Cell and Molecular Medicine2
Clinical Bio-ChemistryMScProtein Biophysics2
Clinical Bio-ChemistryMScNeuromuscular3
Clinical Bio-ChemistryMScNeuromuscular and Skeletal systems: Physiology and Diseases3
Clinical Bio-ChemistryMScHaematology & Cardiovascular System3