Assistant Professor

Deparmrnt of Clinical Biochemistry

University of Kashmir 







Research Areas:

  1. Structural and Functional Characterization of globular proteins and Intrinsically Disordered proteins (IDPs) in presence of Osmolytes/Chemical Chaperones: Focusses on understanding the structural and functional characterization of antioxidant protein systems (Catalase, Superoxide dismutase etc), an important class of enzymes associated with major diseases conditions, and Intrinsically Disordered prtoeins (casein, crystalline etc.) by osmolytes. Elucidating the influence of osmolytes on the two different protein classes may enable us to design solution conditions that may enhance binding of drug targets to these clinically important enzymes. The main motivation is towards technology development for stabilization of Therapeutic/clinically important proteins.
  2. Protein Misfolding/Aggregation/Amyloid formation: Role of chemical chaperones in modulating/regulating the aggregation/amyloid formation of both natively folded and natively unfolded (Intrinsically Disordered Proteins) and understanding their mechanism of action. Identification of the nature of interactions of chemical chaperones with fibrillates/aggregates at different steps of aggregation is a key step towards the discovery and synthesis of target oriented potential inhibitors of these associations.
  3. Medicinal Plant proteomics: Involves the purification and characterization of some novel biologically active proteins from some important medicinal plants like Ashwagandha.  We had already isolated a novel protein from Ashwagandha with anti-cancerous activity, for which we are carrying its further structural and functional characterization. For achieving this goal, our lab is in active collaborations with IIIM, Jammu; ACBR, University of Delhi and CCMB, Hyderabad. The main focus of this research area is towards Development of a Protein drug.  


Selected Publications:

  1. Bhat MY, Singh LR and Dar TA (2017) TMAO abolishes the chaperone activity of a-casein: an intrinsically disordered protein, Scientific reports 7 (1), 6572
  2. Danielson TA, Stine JM, TA Dar TA, K Briknarova K, and Bowler, BE (2017) Effect of an Imposed Contact on Secondary Structure in the Denatured State of Yeast Iso-1-cytochrome c, Biochemistry 56 (51), 6662-6676
  3. Singh LR and Dar, TA (2017) Cellular osmolytes: From Chaperoning Protein Folding to Clinical Perspectives, Springer Nature Singapore Pvt. Ltd; ISBN 978-981-10-3707-8 (online)
  4. Bhat MY, Singh LR, Dar TA (2017) Modulation of Protein Aggregation/Fibrillation by Osmolytes, In Cellular Osmolytes, Springer Nature Singapore Pvt. Ltd; Pg. No. 121-142
  5. Chowhan RK, Ali F, Bhat MY, Rahman S, Singh LR, Ahmad F, Dar TA. (2016) Alanine Counteracts the Destabilizing Effect that Urea has on RNase-A. Protein Pept Lett. 23(9):795-9.
  6. Shah AA, Dar, PA, Ganie SA, Kamal, MA and Dar TA (2016) A Current Perspective on the Inhibition of Cholinesterase by Natural and Synthetic Inhibitors, Current drug metabolism 18 (2), 96-111
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  13. Rahman S, Warepam M, Singh LR, Dar TA (2015) A current perspective on the compensatory effects of urea and methylamine on protein stability and function. Prog Biophys Mol Biol.; 119(2) : 129-36


Research Grants:

  1.  Biophysical Characterization of glycosylated and non-glycosylated forms of Withania Somnifera glycoprotein, a therapeutically important protein from Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) (DBT, New Delhi)
  2. Comparative Study of the Effect of Osmolytic and Macromolecular Crowders on Protein Structure and Folding.  (DST, New Delhi)
  3. Investigating the Effect of Osmolytes on Protein Fibrillation.  (CSIR, New Delhi)

Lab Members 

        1.Parvaiz A. Dar (PhD)
        2. Mohd. Younus Bhat (Phd)
        3. MAshooq A. Dar (PhD)
        4. Usma Manzoor (Phd)
        5. Snowber Shabir Wani (Phd)
        6. Faisal Ali (Phd)
      1. Ehsaan Abdullah (MPhil.)
      2. Anzar A. Shah (MPhil.)